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Pinned topic zIIP eligibility - documentation conflicts

‏2012-04-25T20:01:53Z |
The documentation clearly states that for zIIP eligibility, a stored procedure must be native language and invoked remotely (V9 & 10). However, various presentations by the IBM Software Group starting with DB2 V8 state that Native SQL procedures are zIIP eligible.

Anyone know the true answer?

If DB2 development monitors this forum, perhaps you could clarify this in the Info Ctr. The link:

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    Re: zIIP eligibility - documentation conflicts

    Hi Bill, still an EQUAL kind of guy I see! It is native SQL procedures invoked remotely that are zIIP eligible (DB2 9 NFM). You can always do a Feedback on any Info Center page also. I am not in development, still same job though. Regards, Judy