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Pinned topic TUAM TCR Invoice Report

‏2012-04-25T15:19:14Z |
I have TUAM and TCR running and connecting to an Oracle 11g2 database. I am able to run the Configuration and Rate reports from Common Reporting.

However, I am not able to run the Invoice reports. I am able to get to the parameter page for the Invoice by Account Level report, but then the page will not accept the values I enter for AccountCodeLevel and AccountStructureIndex. I have update the Common Reporting Security for my default TIP user.

Is there any other User or User Group security that needs to be updated?

I have attached screen shots of the 2 pages that I am having issues with.
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    Re: TUAM TCR Invoice Report

    Hi Mike,

    This is caused when the user has been assigned access to TCR but has not been given access to any data within TUAM.

    To fix this, you need to create the user in TUAM and assign them to a user group who has been given access to clients and account code structures in TUAM. Using the Identity and Access / Users panel, you can create and assign the user to a user group. The Identity and Access / User Groups panel then allows you to see and assign the Clients (accounts) and Account Code Structures to user groups which will then be available to the user.

    Once the user has been set up and assigned to a user group, the prompts should then be populated and you should be able to run the reports.

    Let me know if this is not the case and I will look into this further.