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Pinned topic Is it possible to add new internal value for Synonym domain?

‏2012-04-25T15:18:25Z |
Hi All,

While adding new internal value in synonym domain I am getting an error - "BMXAA4051E - OTC is not a valid value. You can only add new synonym values for existing". Can anyone confirm whether is it possible to add new internal value in Synonym domain?

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    Re: Is it possible to add new internal value for Synonym domain?

    Hi Rajan,

    This is the contents of the On-Line Help for Maximo 7.5. If you need more information you can search the the on-line Help @


    Synonym domains

    Synonym domains are special domains that are reserved by the system. You cannot add new synonym domains, but you can add new synonym values that are presented to the user.

    An example of a synonym domain is work order status. The system has several values to reflect status: APPR (Approved), CAN (Canceled), CLOSE (Closed), COMP (Completed), WAPPR (Waiting on Approval), and others. Each work order status has an internal value, used by the system in its business rules, and a value that users see and choose from. You cannot add a new internal value. You can add a synonym, the value that is presented to the user.
    Example: Synonym values for WAPPR (Waiting on Approval)

    Suppose your company procedure requires two people to approve a work order. You could add synonym values for the internal WAPPR value. You could then present two different values to the user, for example, WAPPRMAN and WAPPRVP, to represent approvals at the manager and vice president level.