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Pinned topic Archiving dormant components in 7.2.1

‏2012-04-25T14:34:54Z |
After some digging around I have figured out (sort of) how to view dormant components in 7.2.1. You have to do it from the Inventory screen and use the filter button. So far though I can only see an overview of the number of dormant components in each category and can't figure out how to drill down and get a list of dormants on the UI.

Is there any way in 7.2.1 to see a list of dormant components like you could do in 7.2.0?

Is there any way to mass delete dormant components via the UI like you could do in 7.2.0?

I am aware of the TADDM archive script that comes with TADDM, I just want to know what the UI capabilities are.