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Pinned topic AWSDEG030E Error: On /opt/Tivoli/TWS/TWS851/TWS/parameters, build could not

‏2012-04-25T13:49:38Z |
Only the twsadmin can run the parms or parms -e ALLPARM What other place should I be looking so that any user can parms?
Tivoli Workload Scheduler (UNIX)/JOBINFO 8.5.1 (20091127)
Installed for user "twsadmin".
Locale LANG set to the following: "en"
AWSDEG030E Error: On /opt/Tivoli/TWS/TWS851/TWS/parameters, build could
not open: File exists
AWSDEG030E Error: On /opt/Tivoli/TWS/TWS851/TWS/parameters, build could
not open: File exists
AWSDEG030E Error: On /opt/Tivoli/TWS/TWS851/TWS/parameters, build could
not open: File exists
daves:/opt/Tivoli/TWS/TWS851/TWS>ls -la par*
-rw----r-x 1 twsadmin domain users 340 Apr 25 05:32 parameters
-rw----r-x 1 twsadmin domain users 524288 Feb 19 11:39 parameters.KEY
-rw----r-x 1 twsadmin domain users 340 Feb 19 11:39 parameters.old
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    Re: AWSDEG030E Error: On /opt/Tivoli/TWS/TWS851/TWS/parameters, build could not

    Hi Dave,
    sorry for this delay, we are going to answer you
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    Re: AWSDEG030E Error: On /opt/Tivoli/TWS/TWS851/TWS/parameters, build could not

    Hi,usually to run the command PARMS the user needs:

    1. the user must be in the TWS security file
    2. the user PATH (echo $PATH shows the path) must contain the TWS home
    e directory
    3. the user must be the in the same group as the TWS user
    The permissions should be checked in case they were changed in an
    effort to make the reports run. For eg: The permissions for rep* should be set
    to 555 and for report* should be set to 6511.

    Are you aware of that:

    The parms command is not working correctly in Tivoli Workload Scheduler
    (TWS) version 8.3, 8.4, or 8.5.

    Functionality has changed in TWS v8.3 and later versions from earlier
    TWS versions.
    Resolving the problem

    The parms function has changed from pre-TWS v8.3 versions. TWS v8.3
    parameters created by the parms command are local to the workstation and
    their databases exist locally in the ~twshome directory. These
    parameters are used in scripts and get expanded when the script is
    launched. This applies to the master and to the Fault Tolerant Agents

    The parameters in the TWS DB2 database are used for job definitions.
    These parameters get expanded at JnextPlan and are created or modified
    by either Job Scheduling Console (JSC) or composer.

    The parms command does not change the parameters in the DB2 (or Oracle)
    database. The command only affects the parameters in the
    ~twshome/parameters and ~twshome/parameter.KEY files.

    This means that the master will have two sets of parameter variables,
    one set in the ~twshome directory for variables that get expanded at the
    time the script launches and another set in the TWS DB2 (or Oracle)
    database for job definitions and they get expanded at JnextPlan.
    Please see the User Guide reference about the parms command .