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Object Oriented Design Using UML

The requirements document for University Administration
In a University, there are a number of departments, each of which has one or more faculties
on it. Departments are differentiated on the basis of subjects. A department can only have
faculties of the specified subject. Every department has a fixed capacity, which is the
maximum number of faculties that can be on it at one time (i.e. the capacity is the number of
offices in the department). Different departments may have different capacities. Each
department has a unique name. The college has an Administration department that is
responsible for recording information about the college’s departments and the faculties
attached to each department.
The faculties in the university are organized into teams, each of which has a unique module
code (such as OODUML2012, or JAVA2011). Each team is headed by a team leader who is
the senior most faculty in the team; the rest of the team are all module instructors. Each
module instructor is in exactly one team. The Administration department keeps a record of
these teams and the module instructors allocated to each team.
Each module is under the care of a single module team; the leader who leads that team is
responsible for the module. A module may be handled by any number of instructors but they
must all be in the team that cares for the module. A module instructor can teach any number
of modules.

You are required to produce a complete UML Use Case diagram and specification of any one
use cases, class diagram, sequence diagrams for the major use case and an activity
diagram for the workflow of the scenario provided by using STAR UML visual modeling tool.
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    I am witting
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    waiting for others to reply and I am new to java technology

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