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Pinned topic CC/CQ UCM - Project link activities button

‏2012-04-25T12:15:59Z |
We're using CC/CQ UCM
We noticed a problem on a few projects in that when you do a properties on a project, CQ tab, some projects show a "link unlinked activities" button and others do not. I know that this re-establishes links between CC and CQ activities.

The problem we are seeing is that even after clicking the button, the button still persists. (Typically you don't see the button.) You should note that after the button is clicked, the system returns> 0 new records linked, xxx records already linked.

We're seeing this on a few newly created Rel4 projects (that is 6 months ago). At that time I created several similarly configured projects, each of which were based off Rel3 project baselines and all are using the same CQ db.

I also ran ct checkvob -ucm project:xxx as well as -crm_only on these projects but they did not find any issues.

Anybody have any ideas?

I've raised a PMR on this but so far all i got back is that I'm running an unsupported version and should upgrade. (Easier said then done as to do that I need a new server & OS as HPUX is no longer supported.)