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‏2012-04-25T11:51:48Z |
Trying to run Synergy Client on Windows 7 and I'm having some issues. Has anyone got a method of installing 7.1 on Windows 7 that works?

The problem I'm seeing is that there are parts of the install that are going into the Administrator users area, and then when running the client users don't have access to this area. For instance, comparisons of files won't work, apparently the ccm_merge.enc file is in the \Users\Administrator area and there is no access. Also, I've noticed that the login information (username, database path, server) normally saved isn't being saved on the Win 7 client.

Anyone know the secret for Windows 7 installs?

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    Re: Synergy and Windows 7

    We've been installing using the "Run As Administrator" option on Windows7. The user is logged in with their normal account, but when installing Synergy, we right-click on the installer and use the "Run As Admin" option. In order to do this, you need to have the username and password to an account that has admin privs.

    We noticed that the installer will let you try to install without admin privs, and sure enough the installer does complete with no error messages, however Synergy will not startup after the install.