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Pinned topic Problems about PowerPC_405 standalone project

‏2012-04-25T09:29:58Z |
I need to build a PowerPC_405 standalone project, which contains a makefile and several source files such as start.S. If I have a ppc405 based board, I want to use this project to compile some executable files to run on the board.

I built a ppc405 project by using Xilinx EDK10.1(10.1 is the highest version that can support my XUPV2P testing board), and export the project. But I found that EDK10.1 uses gcc4.1.1 to build the project, so I download a crosstool containing gcc4.1.1 and make few changes in the makefile I exported from EDK10.1. When I make the makefile, it reported some errors about undefined reference to xxx. But if I use gcc4.5.1 it reported some errors aoubt ppc-asm.h, and I need to use at least gcc 4.5.1 for my future board.

Does anyone can give me some advice?