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Pinned topic Problem JDBC Reader Parttern behaviour in WCG V8

‏2012-04-23T17:58:09Z |
Hi Sir,
Explain the excution flow of JDBCReader Pattern methods in detail,
since following are my observations
1. getInitialLookupQuery() method never called.
2.After taking each check point call is going to getRestartquery() method

1.I am using impl class, how cursor is positioning for multi row result set(query fired gives muliple records).
2.If getRestartquery()/ getInitialLookupQuery() return single row resultset but check point size is N>1 then will call goes to getRestartquery()/ getInitialLookupQuery() method for each record processing?

Following are true or false please correct me if i am wrong.
1.for each check point one time getRestartquery()/ getInitialLookupQuery() method is called
2.for each record fetchRecord(ResultSet resultSet) method is called once and same resultset object is used for next record but cursor moves to next row this will continue till it reach the next checkpoint.
3.inputStream.hasnext() is not mandatory before calling method.

Kindly help me.

Thanks in advance