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Pinned topic IMS Usability Session for IMS Tools Users

‏2012-04-20T20:06:30Z |
The IBM User Experience team is looking for IMS database administrators or people who make purchasing decisions for IMS to provide feedback on IMS Tools documentation. Experience with IMS Tools is preferred, but not required.

The IMS Tools team has developed a solution scenario that describes how multiple IMS Tools products can be used together to automate and simplify database monitoring tasks. This usability session will focus on the documentation that describes how an integrated set of IMS Tools can be used to simplify database monitoring tasks.

The documentation will be sent to the participant before the session to review and then complete a survey. Then a one-hour conference call will be held with the usability team to discuss with the writers. The conference call will be held between April 30- May 4, and pay is $75/hour. We can work to accommodate your schedule.

For further consideration in the session, reply to Laura Fowler, at