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A lot of the entities and attributes of our logical data model have long descriptions.
After transforming into a physical model and generating the DDL we have the problem, that we can not execute the DDL on DB2 (Unix), because the comments on attributes are too long.

We need the comments on the database, so we don't like to delete them at all. But we would expect a functionality in IDA, that cuts the comment during the transform to phy. data model or during DDL generation. Is there such a function, we could not find? Do you have any recommendations?

we are working with IDA

Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Cut the Documentation / COMMENT ON 254

    IDA do not truncate comments. The reasons are:
    1. It will lost data
    2. User may not realized the comments get cut

    So if DDL deploy failed, user need go back to model to make the correction.