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Pinned topic How to run code coverage on a dll (VC ++ )

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Hi All,

I am using purifyplus for the code coverage.
For .exe I was able to run purify, pure coverage and quantify and get the coverage details. But when I am using .dll instead .exe. It throws the error as " The file C:\***\.dll is a dll. Please choose a program" . Can you please help me with the steps how to run a dll with purifyplus.

It's urgent... please reply with the steps ASAP.

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    Re: How to run code coverage on a dll (VC ++ )

    Hi s1m,

    To collect code information for just the DLL, you need to use the
    SELECTIVE INSTRUMENTATION feature in PureCoverage:

    1. Start PureCoverage
    2. On the RUN PROGRAM dialog, select the executable which calls
    the DLL, but do NOT click RUN.
    3. Click SETTINGS...
    4. Under "Modules to instrument", choose SELECTED MODULES.
    5. Click CONFIGURE...
    6. On the "Module Coverage (Selective)" tab, click on the "ADD"
    button in the top right.
    7. Select your DLL and click OPEN.
    8. Specify the COVERAGE type.
    9. Click OK.

    Now, PureCoverage will only collect coverage data for the DLL.