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Pinned topic providing values for _inout mode structures in stubs

‏2012-04-20T05:27:22Z |
I'm using RTRT for C unit testing.
I have a stub in which address of a struct is passed and it is modified inside that stub function.
RTRT generates the struct as _inout parameter in DEFINE STUB section.
Can you please help me how to provide values for that stub?

Ex:#void EEL_Execute(eel_request_t _inout request_pstr)

If i define values as mentioned for _inout parameters also it is showing a warning as "A value has been omitted for request_pstr parameter" and the values are not taken.Test case is failing whatever values i give.
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    Re: providing values for _inout mode structures in stubs


    Use the following format:

    STUB function_name({input parameter}, {output Parameter})

    WHere input parameter includes all the elements of the structure. If u miss one element also gives error