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I'm pretty new to the RAA topic and trying to scan & analyze SCLM. But I'm not able to get the option in the "collect inventory" to do so. I enabled SCLM scanning in the common.cfg, but got stuck now. I appreciate any input or guidance to good documentation.

Thank you very much!
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    Re: SCLM Scan

    Before somebody who knows more jumps in, please take a look at this post:
    Accessing CA Endevor Software Change Manager files with RAA for z/OS
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    Re: SCLM Scan

    RAA on z/OS has built-in support for IBM SCLM, however it must be configured with three steps before use:

    1) Run the install script &HLQ.SDMHREXX(DMHINSTL) to bring up the RAA ISPF configuration panels. Under option 4, Configure SCMs, set IBM SCLM to Y. This will activate SCLM as a resource manager in RAA.

    2) Update the post-processing JCL PROC &HLQ.SDMHCNTL(DMHPRCQU) by uncommenting the required DD statements indicated for supporting SCLM. This file may be saved directly in the product's CNTL library or, you may consider, saving it in your custom control PDS &HLQ.CONFIG.CNTL.

    3) Update the Common.cfg file by locating the SCLM section and setting the isEnabled property to true.

    After these steps, and restarting the application server, SCLM should show up as an option on the Inventory Wizard. The only noticable difference should be that one specifies SCLM Project and SCLM Group (rather than PDS) names to indicate where RAA is to retrieve source for scanning.