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Pinned topic Firebird to db2?

‏2012-04-18T17:49:44Z |

I have an application which uses Firebird 2.5 ( and I'm thinking on moving to DB2 Express-C because scalability (is announced that Express-C raised RAM limit from 2GB to 4G) and "brand". But instead of writting custom programs to do the movement I wish I can use this tool so I can quickly test the application with real data against DB2. The application uses Eclipselink and there is no Firebird's PL code. For reporting I use JasperReports and the SQL for those reports dont use any special (I home) feature of Firebird.

Any chance to include Firebird in the list of supported databases?

I'm willing to help to add support for Firebird database if you allows me.

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    Re: Firebird to db2?

    Anything about this?

    Can we grab the source code from somewhere?