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Pinned topic Hosting Cognos portlets in a portal

‏2012-04-18T13:53:55Z |

I'm new to Cognos, and I've started checking feasibility of hosting Congos portlets in our portal.
We are using Liferay as a portal, and as far as I know, it should be possible to import Cognos portlets to Liferay using WSRP.

I found explanations in the Info Center about how to do that with other portals (WebSphere, Weblogic, SharePoint, some others), but Liferay was not mentioned. I tried to deduce from the documentation for other portals, in order to create a WSDL URL I could use in Liferay, but it didn't work for me.

Does any one have any experience with importing Cognos portlets to Liferay?
If you could share your experience I'd appreciate it very much.