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Pinned topic How to model processes with assigned resources?

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I need to model and simulate in WBM a process in which some of tasks are performed by a one assigned resource from a pool (for example, a man from a group who takes a book as input token, then he goes to a bookstorage, then approaches to rack and places book on the rack).
Infocenter for WBM states: 'There are no rules to govern the resource allocation for simulations. When you run the simulation, the process can use any of the resources that you have made available in the resource pool for the process...'
Then model behaviour would be incorrect because in those tasks simulated process could block and wait for a free resource (role) (i.e man from a group) while in reality it would not wait and would perform all these tasks by once assigned man.

Is there any patterns to model that case?
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    Re: How to model processes with assigned resources?

    As a solution we decided to use tokens instead of resources. Thus process input receives several tokens (as persons performing all process operations). And one of process tasks receives another type of token as true input business element.
    For correct resource usage reporting we defined unlimited roles corresponding to persons .