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‏2012-04-17T15:23:30Z |
Over the years we have had to customise eClient so we execute searches across all item types the use had access to like the pClient does. When ever we apply a fix pack we have to go back to reapply the customizations. When we install a new version we have to redevelop the customization. Is there an easier way to do searches across all item types in eClient? What the best way to add custom pages and code so that they apply no matter what fix or version is applied?
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    Re: Searching all item type in eClient

    'Applying' a fix pack or new version of the eClient involves the re-deploy of a complete new EAR file, wiping out any changes you made to the JSPs. So knowing that, make as few changes as possible to the standard JSPs as possible. When customising, make of copy of the jsp you want to modify, give it a new name, and update the file to use it instead of the original. When a fix pack comes along, compare the original jsp with the one in the fix pack, and decide if you can use your modified one at the new level. The JSPs and Java beans are pretty stable, so there aren't many changes between them.

    There was an unsupported little package called the EController floating around that contained a 'companion servlet' that was sort of a front end to the eClient so you could view a document directly, or conduct your own search prior to displaying results.