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Pinned topic Arbortext Editor - Modify Attributes is greyed out

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I am brushing up on my editing, and I recall I used to be able to right-click tags and just modify the attributes right there. However, now this option is greyed out in the main menu, and is no longer even an option when I right-click. Any idea as to why?
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    Re: Arbortext Editor - Modify Attributes is greyed out

    Right-click was never for attribute modification. There are three ways:
    • In the Tree-view, you can click on the "attribute" icon, then click directly on the name of the attribute and you can edit it right there in the editor
    • In any view, if your cursor is to the right of the open tag, you can use Control-D (to bring up the attribute menu)
    • In any view, (cursor to right of open tag), use the button in the tool bar with the "attribute" icon.

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