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Pinned topic Creating new projects in WEF 7.0.1 - Missing Folders

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I had a series of projects created in WEF 7.0.1 and deleted them. The files are still on disk, I only deleted the projects from Eclipse. Now I want to recreate the projects, however when I do the layout of the project is different. For instance, there used to be folders for Models, Portlet Models and Profiles, however none of them exist in my new project. Are there files I need to delete prior to recreating the projects? Am I missing a setting on my projects or in Eclipse? The process of creating the project says "Installing Websphere Portlet Factory facet" however the project looks incomplete. Ideas?

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  • Michael Burati
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    Re: Creating new projects in WEF 7.0.1 - Missing Folders

    I haven't tried deleting/recreating projects like that myself, but it sounds like the top level folders you're talking about are the "virtual" folders in the project explorer view, which are shortcuts down into WebContent/WEB-INF/models, WebContent/WEB-INF/profiles ...

    You can check that those physical folders exist by navigating down into the WebContent/... folder hierarchy.

    The WEF specific project support will only show up if you are currently in the Web Experience Factory "Eclipse Perspective".
    In the Eclipse toolbar at the top of the designer, go to and select Window -> Open Perspective -> Other -> Web Experience Factory and click ok, to open the WEF perspective and see if that fixes up your project explorer view.

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    Re: Creating new projects in WEF 7.0.1 - Missing Folders

    WEF projects contains a nature definition in the project file and there are other config files that are at the top level of the project. It might be easier to create a new project and then replace the webcontent directory. If all the files at the top level of the project are still there but hust the .project file was deleted then you could add <nature>com.bowstreet.designer.webapp.nature</nature>
    to the natures section of the file. That is what tells eclipse to have these extra folders
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    Re: Creating new projects in WEF 7.0.1 - Missing Folders

    Thanks for the new information. I did create a new project and replaced the Web Content and it seems to work now. I will look into the <nature> tag and see where it is for future reference.

    Thanks much!