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‏2012-04-16T06:56:54Z |
Hello there,

Out group had purchased Controller for companies wide consideration. We already have import specification done for some of our children companies.

What is the best method to automate the Controller (Children companies) to Controller (Parent company)?

Export to CSV and write up another import specification?
Publish to TM1 cube and use FM to read the data?

Is there any more direct approach such as reading the database directly?

  • JohnFong
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    Re: Suggestion For Controller to Controller

    Guess I am replying to myself and hope any Controller Specialist can give me some advice... I am trying to use datamart to do import/export.

    The goal is to export some company accounts from company to import to another company. Both companies has its own Controller instance.

    • Company A Controller --
    Define Datamart
    Define Datamart Connection
    Define Export Template
    Export to Datamart

    • Company B Controller --
    Define Datamart Connection
    Setup FM
    Create List Report in Report Studio
    Create Import Specification base on FM
    Import Data from Datamart

    Am I on the right track or is there anything I should watch out for? TIA.