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Pinned topic Facing the issue The WSDL document is missing or invalid.

‏2012-04-15T16:25:00Z |
I am using Portlet factory 7. I have created the web service multiple operation builder. In one environment that is on windows. working fine but in second environment it's not working that is on AIX. giving the following error
The WSDL document is missing or invalid. Confirm that the URL is correct and refetch the WSDL document.

I have created so many services all are working good on both env. except this one
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    Re: Facing the issue The WSDL document is missing or invalid.

    Can you provide a little more detail?

    - Is this in the WEF Designer or at runtime? If runtime, servlet/standalone WAR or as portlet?

    - Are you importing the WSDL via http based URL or file based URL?

    - If runtime, then please look in the deployed WAR and ensure that both the wsdl file and the xsd file that it is importing are there and in the correct location.

    - Can you provide an exported WEF Archive (with just the model doing the WSDL import and the WSDL and schema) that exhibits the problem?