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Pinned topic Configuring directory services (LDAP) with WebSphere Commerce

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Hi All,

We are planning to update the commerce to use LDAP as a master user repositery . we are trying to understand the process involved in migrating current user profiles in the commerce db to LDAP.

1. Is there anyway to migrate user passwords from DB to LDAP .(I assume commerce doesnt allow decrypting the passwords but i would like to if I am wrong)
2.Is there any massLoadUtility to export the user profiles from commerceDB to LDAP.

I really appreciate your help.

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    Re: Configuring directory services (LDAP) with WebSphere Commerce

    it might be encrypted with the merchant key but not sure. You might try and dump the userreg table, and build an ldif file from that to use to load your ldap server

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    Re: Configuring directory services (LDAP) with WebSphere Commerce

    You'll see the user data migrated after you enabled LDAP, the first time they log in to the site. Any user who does not exist in LDAP is created. you do have to decide what data you post to the LDAP with configuration and understanding of your ldapentry file. You might want to familiarize yourself with the WebSphere Commerce InfoCenter, if you're not already using that documentation, since the question you ask is already outlined there, including testing your configuration. If you're not familiar with LDAP concepts then you should hire a consultant from IBM or an IBM Business Partner who does or expect to take a much longer time with trial and error.


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