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Re: Clustered NFS

‏2012-04-13T16:57:01Z  in response to dflatley
Yes, you can define multiple ip addresses use for CNFS.

man page mmchnode:

--cnfs-interface=ip_address_list A comma-separated list of host names or IP addresses to be used 

for GPFS cluster NFS serving.   The specified IP addresses can be real or virtual (aliased). These addresses must be configured  to  be 

static (not DHCP) and to not start at boot time.   The GPFS daemon 


for the node cannot be a part of the list of CNFS IP addresses.   If the keyword DEFAULT is specified, the CNFS IP address list is removed and the node is no longer conâassword.   For  additional  information,  refer to 
"Implementing a clustered NFS using GPFS on Linux" in the GPFS: Advanced Administration Guide.