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‏2012-04-12T14:32:56Z |
We have multiple grid configurations within a couple of ObjectGrid descriptor XML files, and all grids are bootstrapping to the same catalog server. There are scenarios that we have where some grids and corresponding maps need to connect to another grid within the same configuration. For example, we have ObjectGridEventListeners that during particular events, need to update a grid sibling.

Currently, we are using the ObjectGridManagerFactory methodology to connect one grid as a client to another. Is there a better way of doing this? Are there "Best Practices" for going about these types of patterns.
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    Re: Grid to Grid Connection

    ‏2012-04-21T14:41:53Z  in response to wiedela
    In a non-WAS environment, this is the only option you have. The ObjectGridManagerFactory is the only way to connect clients to the grid.

    In a Java EEenvironment, in the upcoming release (coming out VERY soon), you'll be able to use a new eXtreme Scale resource adapter to do this. It will allow you to create connection factories, and look them up in your application, greatly simplifying this process. If running in a Java EE container context (e.g. servlet or EJB thread), you can even enlist the XS transaction in the JTA transaction as a 1-PC last participant (local transaction).

    You still need to have your client override objectgrid xml available, but you can at least centralize the configuration of the grid more easily.
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      Re: Grid to Grid Connection

      ‏2012-07-20T16:54:18Z  in response to Chris.D.Johnson
      To follow up on Chris's comment, WXS v8.5 has the resource adapter available to do this in the WAS environment now. There is a functional sample you can try out to see how the code works.


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