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‏2012-04-12T09:43:36Z |
Dear community,

I am a university faculty member and I am using IBM ILOG LogicNet XE 7.0 in my class to teach supply chain optimization. I have a license from the IBM Academic Initiative.

However, when I install the software, it runs for 365 days only on the machine where it is installed and after that time, it cannot be re-installed. This causes the problem that I cannot use it in the computer lab anymore, since LogicNet on the PCs is already disabled due to installation for the class last year.

Does anyone have an idea how to re-install the software on the same machine? Installation works fine on new PCs where the software has not been installed before.

Many thanks for your ideas!
Best regards,
Felix Papier
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    Re: ILOG LogicNet license

    Hello Felix,

    So for the very long delay in response. For future questions about ILOG Supply Chain products, please post in the forum located here:

    With LogicNet Plus v7.0 in Academic Initiative, once the 365 day license expires, there is not a way to reset the counter. We would suggest you upgrade to the latest version of LogicNet Plus which is available on the Academic Initiative site.

    Justin Richmond ILOG Supply Chain Applications