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Pinned topic Issue regarding HTI on AIX server

‏2012-04-12T08:49:08Z |

We have installed HTI on our websphere application server which is AIX server. according to the installation guide, the link should appear on WAS Admin console and the same is not appearing on our WAS console.

I tried uninstalling HTI and ran the following command for uninstallation

$WAS_HOME/bin/ –lang jython –f jython/uninstall.jy nodeName serverName

after enetring this command on putty window it asks for the credential and for the same we used admin credential.

we are getting below message on putty window after providing the credential.

WASX7209I: Connected to process "server1" on node dms-aps-stgNode02 using SOAP connector; The type of process is: UnManagedProcess
WASX7411W: Ignoring the following provided option: http://.lang, jython, .f, jython/uninstall.jy, dms-aps-stgNode02, server1
WASX7029I: For help, enter: "$Help help"

And it enters in wsadmin console.

Can some one please guide me on this??
Do i have to unistall the HTI from wsadmin console??
Do i have to execute uninstall command in wsadmin console i.e. from "wsadmin>" ??
Also the same happend at the time of installation...after enetring installation command on putty window, it entered in wsadmin console as above.

Kindly let me know if we are following correct procedure for installation/uninstallation of HTI or not.

Thanks in advance