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‏2012-04-11T20:56:29Z |
I am trying to implement the Director agent by itself and I can't find anything referencing how to get past this error when running agentcli.bat commands. I have also run endpoints.bat and setupenv.bat. I am assuming it wants to be tied to an IBM Systems Director console and that is what I am trying to avoid doing.
CTGEM2014E The command execution has failed.
BTC7822E Unable to initialize the AgentClient component - security repository ex
BTC8626I See the log file for more information.
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  • JRRichard
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    Re: Agentcli without an agent manager

    Not sure about that error message but if you do not have
    a Director server then why are you trying to use the Director common agent?

    The common agent adds more function to an endpoint being managed by the Director server.

    JR Niemi
  • BreakingItRight
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    Re: Agentcli without an agent manager

    My only requirements are to catch PFA's and to catch actual failures, and if I can do this without a console which I believe we were doing with the 5.2 agents then I save a lot of time, trouble and equipment cost as well as a lot of risk.
    If I can get firmware versions out of it without hooking up any additional network or software components then I have less risk and all of the information I need out of it, this however is a bonus feature and not part of the scope per se.

    It's a very nice console but after setting it up internally I have more questions than documentation has answers. I am getting a consultant however if I can run without the console that would be a preference.
  • BreakingItRight
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    Re: Agentcli without an agent manager

    For posterity the driver behind trying to use the agent alone was instability with the management console. After tearing my ISD enviornment down and reprovisioning it in RHEL on the same hardware it runs without issues. This is after multiple fresh installations of both director and windows.

    In my experience over the past several months director makes too many changes on install that it doesn't undo or remove on uninstall in windows and a fresh installation of windows is needed to get any kind of fresh director instance. I may be the sole person experiencing this and not represent the ISD system at large.

    The console stays up, and seems to run better.