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Pinned topic Is there any difference between Cognos 8 SDK and Cognos 10 SDK

‏2012-04-11T20:50:22Z |
We have a J2EE application that uses Cognos 8 SDK to interact with Cognos 8 environment. But we are migrating the Cognos 8 to Cognos 10 Version.
When I was trying to hit my J2EE applciation using Cognos 8 SDK to interact with Cognos 10 Version environment, I am getting a Webservice exception

CM-REQ-4342 An error occurred with the client.

Is the Version of the SDK and Dispatcher version should match. i.e if I use dispatcher of Cognos 10 then do I need use Cognos 10 SDK in my J2EE app.

Please help. Thanks a lot in advance