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Pinned topic MDX-based subsets does not work in Contributor

‏2012-04-11T19:50:01Z |
I created a number of MDX-based subsets and views constructed from those subsets.
All work fine in Architect.
But under non-Admin user (for example, User1) I have troubles in Contributor.
For example:
  • Initial view opens (MDX-subset used in filters (context)). But when I try to move dimension with MDX-subset from filters to rows, I receive error message: "Operation Failed. System has encountered a problem while handling your request. Please try again…";
  • When I choose some MDX-subset for dimension placed at rows it shown correctly in Subset Editor, but when I press OK button I receive the same error message;
  • When initial view include dimension with MDX-subset on rows (columns) it hangs on opening ("opens" endlessly).

It seems that reason is User1 doesn’t have access to some elements (members) involved to MDX-based subset (Element Security is used). And Contributor can’t handle it correctly as opposed to Architect.
It seems that when User1 have access to all members envolved to MDX set there are no problems.
Note that all MDX expressions constructed as invariant to specific members, i.e. enumeration of concrete members is not used.
The problem appear even in trivial situatuions such as TM1SubsetAll(MyDimension).

Does anybody have any idea how to fix this problem?
I am using Cognos Express 9.5.0. There is no such a problem in TM1 9.5.2…
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    Re: MDX-based subsets does not work in Contributor

    Example MDX with 'TM1SubsetAll' doesn't shown correctly in posting.
    Of course, dimension name edged with square brackets.