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We would like to define a "standard" Windows RAD-8 configuration, such that a developer could copy the configuration and start with a pre-populated/configured workspace and pre-defined/configured localhost servers (WAS-7 & WAS-8). We thought we were making progress along these lines using workspace copies, server profiles, and export/import server configurations, but always ran into problems with the Windows computer name used in the cell and node names, and failure on second use of the .CAR export.

Perhaps we were doing it wrong, were missing a step, or not copying/initializing the correct folders/files. Is it possible to install and configure RAD-8 on one Windows workstation, and then share (copy) the configuration (workspace, localhost config) to RAD-8 installs on other Windows workstations. We want all developers to use the same configuration (especially a working localhost WAS), and want a way to backup/recover configuration on new workstations when old workstation disk failure occurs.

If possible ... What is the procedure? What folders/files would be the ones to copy after configuration? What adjustments would be needed on the target workstation after copying the configuration?
If not possible ... Is there another way to achieve a "standard" Windows RAD-8 configuration that can be deployed to developers?
Also ... How can updates to Installation Manager installed components be automated, such that all developers have the same updates?
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    Re: Shareable RAD-8 Configuration

    We've been very successful using server profiles and .car files to share server configurations. I guess it depends on what information you actually want to share. We configure things like jdbc data sources, mq connection factories, and listener ports. It's been my experience that installed apps DO NOT work well in an exported .car. They invariably have paths that tie back to a real machince for the installed apps. So when you export the .car it's important to start with a blank profile and just add things you know will export cleanly.

    If .car files don't work for you, one other option could be to write a jython script to configure the server how you want. RAD had tooling for working with jython and there's even a utility that will let you see the equivalent jython commands for gui actions you perform in the admin console.

    How are you trying to use 'workspace copies'? Are you actually just copying the files? I don't think this would work since there's usually stuff in .metadata that ties back to physical paths on a machine. If you want to share a project, you can export the project as an archive file, create a new workspace on a different machine, and then import existing project into workspace pointing at the archive file. Are your projects in source control? Does your source control have an eclipse plugin? If so, then a better option might be to export as a .psf (team project set, I think). This is supposed to output an xml file that contains the commands necessary to rebuild the project from source control when you import it into another workspace. Not sure what source control you have, so your mileage may vary on this.

    I think whatever you do, it has to be a two step process. You must import the server configuration, create a workspace for the projects you want, and then import them via an archive or .psf file. I don't think there's any good way to encapsulate both for development purposes.

    I'm not sure about the Installation Manager. I'm pretty sure you can run it in a silent headless mode but I don't have any experience with this.