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‏2012-04-11T17:53:48Z |
In the CICS V4.2 Trial Program Directory January 2012 in section
and 4 it indicates that the Incompatibility (Negative Results)
Requisites : Negative Requisites identify products that must not be
presenton the same system as the product.....and it lists all the
versions of CICS.
Very confusing
IBM response :
The reason for the Negative Prereqs are to ensure that you do
not inadvertantly delete any previous versions of CICS that you may
have running on your system. The IBM packaging rules state that a new
instalation of a product must delete all previous versions of the
same product in the same SMP/E zones - this is to ensure a clean
installation with no reminants of a previous release in that
SMP/E environment. To ensure this is not done inadvertently we have
coded NPRE to ensure that the Developer Trial cannot possibly be
installed accidentally in to an environment that has a prior CICS
You can install in to the same LPAR as another CICS system but you must
ensure it has its own SMP/E environment and does NOT use an existing
So if I understand this correctly, This would be the same for any new
Version or release of CICS.
I can have other Versions/Releases of CICS as long as they are not in
the same SMPE Zones ?
Can I run CICS V3.2 with the new (Trial of the CICS V4.2) using the
upgraded LPA and CICS Link modules ? (Highest level of CICS ) we are
installing this Version on a SPTEST image currently using CICS V3.1and
need to continue this Version for the migration process.. while
intalling CICS V4.2 (Trial)
The answer to your questions is YES.
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    Re: Incompatibility (Negative Results)


    We have set the packaging rules to have negative prereqs to ensure that if you only use one SMP/e zone (which we understood that some people have set-up) it would not delete the current version of CICS. If you are using DFHISTAR for installation this will create a new zone and install it which will mean the prereqs are redundant. You are correct that you may have different versions of CICS installed onto the same LPAR in different SMP/e zones.

    However as you are aware this is a no-charge trial and it is not formally supported and the use of it within production is not allowed. If you did hit any issues when running a prior version of CICS TS with CICS TS 4.2 Developer Trial LINKList and LPA this is an unsupported combination.


    Adam Coulthard