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Pinned topic This has been one of the most confusing experinces I have have with a forum

‏2012-04-11T17:49:30Z |
I finally was able to get in to this forum to post a question because IBM link does not support any CICS V4.2 issues. Come on IBM .. Just what we need another way to express our concerns when we have a perfectly good way to communicate with IBM Support.
I tried getting into this forum with my IBM link ID and when I finally got into the Dev Forum it logs be out and in as a guest , which does not allow me to enter Threads on this forum . I tried it several time and it is consistant.
I then created another id , not IBMLINK id and it carried the security through out not like the previous encounter..
Sorry to vent , but I have wasted to much time on a trial which I only have 90 days to use....
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    Re: This has been one of the most confusing experinces I have have with a forum


    The IBM LINK ID (that is used when contacting the IBM Service Teams and managing PMRs) is not the same as the wide internet ID, which this and most other sites use.

    The forum is not intended in any way to replace normal service channels for supported products. Since this product is a zero cost evaluation, it is not formally supported. So we have set up this forum as an alternative to formal support channels where customers can ask questions informally and have discussions.

    Regarding the trial time, you may actually have more than 90 days left (you actually get 180 days from the day the trial was released towards the end of Jan), when your CICS region starts up you will see a message that shows the expiry date (DFHTI0200).

    Sorry for the bad experience you had signing up and posting.


    Adam Coulthard