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Pinned topic DB2 9.7.5 and db2modlib on Linux

‏2012-04-11T11:18:08Z |

I was trying out the DBMS_OUTPUT module on Linux DB2 Express-C 9.7.5.
In my procedure I use a call like this CALL DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('TEST');
I can create my procedure, but when I call it I get an error :

SQL0444N Routine "*PUT_LINE" (specific name "DBMS_OUTPUT_PUT_LINE") is
implemented with code in library or path ".../sqllib/bin/routine/db2modlib",
function "*ar2" which cannot be accessed. Reason code: "4". SQLSTATE=42724

I looked on the file system and there really is not that db2modlib file present.
Then I tried the same thing on Windows DB2 Express-C 9.7.5 and there it works (and there is file called db2modlib.dll).

I tried also on another Linux machine and the result is the same : error and no file.

Is this DBMS_OUTPUT module not supported on Linux installations?

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    Re: DB2 9.7.5 and db2modlib on Linux

    Hmm looks like some prb here.. How did you install DB2?? using GUI or via db2_install script ?

    If possible please try command line utility db2_install to install db2 binaries and then try db2icrt to create an instance. Let me know if you hit the same issue while using DBMS_OUTPUT.