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Currently we are upgrading our portal server for Dojo 1.4.3 version in Portal 6.1.5.

I am facing an problem while working through the below link,

I have created an release folder as per instructions but while preparing the WAR for deployment
I found following folders missing in the WAR creation like LayerLoader.jsp and folders like openajaxhub and widget-catalog.

I have searched for the jsp and folders in my portal server but i found missing,so is there any way to prepare the WAR without this files or else any way to get those files?

Since in our Web.xml i found an entry
<param-value>.*/(layerLoader.jsp|dojo.js|custom-dojo.js|dojo.js.uncompressed.js|dojo_.*js|tundra.css|widgets_combined.css|theme.js|theme.js.uncompressed.js|theme_.*js)</param-value> where it is shows the essential of LayerLoader.jsp.

Kindly help on this issue.

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  • DGawron
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    Re: Customizing Dojo in IBM Portal

    This is a Portal-specific question. You'll get a better response if you post this question to a Portal forum.
  • Michael Burati
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    Re: Customizing Dojo in IBM Portal

    While I've read through that document, I've never needed to go through that process myself, so I'm not an expert on it. This forum is for discussion of development of apps with Web Experience Factory (formerly WPF) and as such is monitored by WEF/WPF experts, but not necessarily experts in Portal Theme customization. You are likely to find more Portal theme experts in the WebSphere Portal forum.

    That document says that layerLoader should be under PortalServer/theme/wp.theme.dojo/installedApps/dojo.ear/dojo.war which it is in my WP7. I don't currently have older portal release(s) on my system, so not sure if it's in that exact location in older releases.

    Note, that article does say that to use those instructions with Portal 6.1.5, that you must apply APAR PM35477 first. I'm not sure if that will help you find the pieces you can't currently locate, but you be sure that you do that step first as a pre-req, as that document states.