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Pinned topic HTTP Server - MPM Status Module - version 6.1.x

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Hi All,

I still need to research anyway but i have done it in 7.x version but if anyone has already done this in 6.1.x it will help me and save time. I am trying to log the Threads usage in error_log of HTTP Server using MPM Stats module. I can see that module in 7.x but not in 6.1.x. How do we accomplish this. I copied the module from 7.x to 6.1 and configured and while restart it gives erros that it cannot load the module and HTTP Process do not start it.

Thank you,
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    Re: HTTP Server - MPM Status Module - version 6.1.x

    In 6.1, you have to use the copy of mod_mpstats bundled with the ihsdiag mustgather.