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Pinned topic Tivoli Prformance Analyzer - Increase the confidence and strength of the da

‏2012-04-10T11:56:29Z |

We have installed TPA 6.2.2 one week ago, and I can see the data in the views.

If I understood it rigth, if the strength is more than 2 (would be calculated from confidence and samples), then I have a accurate and meaningful value.

Now I have a lot of different machines and 80 percent of them have a strength less then 2.

My question is now why is the strength or confidence low and is there a way to increase these values. Or is this an normal behaviour and I have to run TPA for a few weeks to get more accurate values?

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    Re: Tivoli Prformance Analyzer - Increase the confidence and strength of the da

    ‏2012-04-10T14:08:44Z  in response to robbiii
    In one environment I have PA installed for more than 3 weeks and still have all strength values at 1 and 2. It takes a lot of data to have a high level of strenght and confidence. Check the task statistics view on the Performance Analyzer Warehouse Navigator item. There are columns indicating the number of measurements and of resources used.
    In another environment I started to have values of 3 after one month of collecting data.
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