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Pinned topic FTE transfers stuck "In Progress" on HP-UX

‏2012-04-09T18:23:12Z |
We're having an issue on a new install of MQFTE client. The agent appears to be installed properly - it responds to pings and is listed with a status of Active.

However, every transfer with a valid request is getting stuck In Progress and never completing.
File transfer requests where the source file or destination directory do not exist are failing.

Has anyone seen this behavior? This is our first HP-UX client, all our others are Windows, AIX or RHEL.

Thanks in advance,
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    Re: FTE transfers stuck "In Progress" on HP-UX

    Have you followed the troubleshooting steps listed in the info center?

    What version of MQ are you running? Have you looked at the MQ network to see if any messages are in dead letter queues?

    Have you tried doing a transfer to/from the same agent to try to isolate the issue?