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‏2012-04-09T17:52:04Z |
We are attempting store and retrieve PDF documents using CM. An application create text annotation that are placed at a predetermined location on the PDF. Testing with the viewer toolkit allowed us to burn the annotations in and either display the PDF or update the content in CM. This worked fine for Windows and Linux however since the environment for this app is Z/OS (per IBM) the Snowbound document engine is not supported. We then tried PDFBox. We are able to write text on the PDF but the resolution is not the same. Using the CM viewer toolkit the DPI is 96 and the annotations coordinated are placed using that resolution. When we open the content in a outstream for PDFBox it uses 72 DPI (the user default) and the annotations no longer line up. We need to either set the default dpi to 96 or set the viewer dpi to 72.