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Pinned topic db2 odbc driver setup for windows 2008

‏2012-04-06T18:13:25Z |
how do I setup or install the driver for windows 2008 r2 x64 to connect to a db2 db?

I downloaded*&platform=Windows+64-bit,+x86&searchtype=fix&fixes=*FP005

fix pack 5 on my windows server. it extractd with some directories but i do not see a setup.exe in there
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    Re: db2 odbc driver setup for windows 2008

    I guess you're concerned about DB2 used by Sync Server (you mentioned buffer pools), not DB2 Everyplace itself. As you know, DB2 Everyplace Sync Server just uses DB2 database as internal control databases or mirror databases, so my suggestion is that you can ask your question in the DB2 forum or raise a PMR against DB2 to know if DB2 can benefit from PAE.Line:
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