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Pinned topic JSON as Output Format in Rest Service Enable Builder

‏2012-04-06T11:46:54Z |
Hi All ,

I have followed this thread and the example to use 'Rest Service Enable' Builder.

However , I need a little help for a similar scenario. The example provided in the above link exposes the REST service in XML format using the 'REST Service Enable' builder. In Experience Factory 7.0 , there is an option to choose the output format as 'XML or JSON' .But when i tried with 'JSON' as output format,for the same example , by accessing the REST end point URL , server gave the error message : 'JSON was not formed properly'.

Would be glad to get any insight on to what could be the problem ?

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    Re: JSON as Output Format in Rest Service Enable Builder

    It appears you have already posted this same question in that other thread in the other WEF forum.
    The same WEF experts, biz partners and customers monitor both forums, so there is no need to post the same question in multiple forums/threads. Please follow up in that other forum thread.