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Pinned topic How to catch TPC-r console's messages

‏2012-04-06T10:16:46Z |
Hello everyone,
i'm new on this forum.
I need your help about how to catch console's messages of Tivoli Productiviry Center for replication (v. 4.2).
It' s installed on a WAS on Zos (v. 1.12).We use TPC-r through a browser client.

We'd like to catch console's messages because we'd like to be advise when some situations happen (like...a session go in the state of suspended ...or something like that).

It's possbile to find console's messages on zos so we could use Sistem Automation to send an email to the TPC-r administrator?
I have read something about snmp trap..but we have no server SNMP here.

However we have Tivoli Omegamon Monitor. They could be implemented to read/catch TPC-r messagges ?

Thank u so much for your help

Have a nice day