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Even after googling for 'Open Source Web Development' I got confused a lot, so finally I decided to put this question.
I am looking for Open Source + Web Development
(considering in mind Database, Images, DB Search, Network security, in case E-commerce, step by step).

I have listed below the few things I found after googling, (I don't know the purpose and use of many of things listed below, but I have to learn them if I needed).

Web Development Software bundle : LAMP

WYSIWYG Tools : Netbeans, KompoZer

Client Side Coding : Ajax, Flash, JavaScript, JQuery, Microsoft Silverlight, HTML5 and CSS3,

Server Side Coding : CSP, CGI, Groovy, Java, Lotus Domina (open), Perl (open), PHP (open), Python (open), Read studio, Ruby (open), Smalltalk, SSJS

Client + Server side : Google Web Toolkit, Opa, Pyjamas, Tersus

Database Technology : Apache Derby, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite
So many web development langauges and so many tools for them; I am lost in those, unware of how to start web development/website (keeping aside steps of Domain Name and Web Host .... presently I am focusing on steps of Web Pages Designing and Testing).

Also there are online web development option, are they better than anything else?

Please guide me to start a website, to start a proper web development, to propely select the languages and tools right from the beginning of web development.
And also please recommend good reference to follow for running a web site, for doing web development.

I am asking above question as a general for any kind of website development. Though just for additional reference, I am planning to build a website with user login, stores details of users and their photos, search by details and E-commarace if needed in future.
I had learned HTML & little about CSS, JSP 5 years back, but just for academic purpose, not done any kind web development ealier.
I know software development on Windows and Linux using C++.

I appreciate your help.
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    Re: Open Source Web Development

    online web development option like,
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    Re: Open Source Web Development

    If you decide to build a LAMP system, you might want to have a look at this:

    Recommended PHP reading list

    "This list of recommended reading material on PHP is compiled from a variety of online sources by Web application developers in IBM's Global Production Services organization. These resources have been selected with the intention of introducing IT specialists and architects to PHP, providing specific information about development and maintenance, and helping to integrate the technology with IBM products."

    Good luck!