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Pinned topic ITNM Poll Definition Question

‏2012-04-04T15:00:01Z |
Hello All,

In ITNM IP i'm trying to find the Port details of the network element and have couple of questions, if anyone is aware of these, please respond to me.
1. How to find the device port information in ITNM (howmany ports are available to a switch, howmany are used and howmany are free)?
2. How to differentiate the Trunk Port and Access Port?
I'm able to extract the interface details using the query (select * from interfaces where istrunkport = 1)
3. What is the poll definition I need to use to monitor the Routers connectivity status? any default poll definition exist or do I need to any specific OID?

Really appreciate your help.

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    Re: ITNM Poll Definition Question

    ‏2012-04-04T15:31:21Z  in response to GCSR
    For ports, I guess you can have a look into the object browser of particular device. For more details, check out the Topology Reference Guide, i'm sure you'll find pointers there.
    If you want to check the device connectivity information (from ITNM box) the Default Interface Ping policy works just fine. For specific Interfaces use Interface Ping policy.

    Hope this helps!
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      Re: ITNM Poll Definition Question

      ‏2012-04-04T21:16:05Z  in response to SystemAdmin
      Thanks Abhishek for the prompt response and that answers my question.