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‏2012-04-04T13:49:11Z |
For the sake of this question, assume that I have set up 3 stateful junctions (/app1 /app2 and /app3) over 2 app hosts (server1 and server2) in my webseal instance.
Clients logging on to webseal asking for /appx may at a later time later use web pages that include content from all three junctions.

I need to make sure that once a client has started against any off app1 app2 or app3, that requests for the other apps end up on the same server as the first connection.

Lets say I start by going to to app2 -- webseal will choose either server 1 or server2 to serve me. The information of which it chose will be recorded in an app2:server (actually app2:uuid-for-server-in-stateful-junction) cookie and subsequent request will stick to the chosen server. So far so good :-)

Now app2 returns a web page to the client that asks the client to read information from app1 and/or app3.
The client must get that information from server chosen for the first app requested, never from the other server. Unfortunately webseal will arbitrarily choose the server for app1 and app3.
So I can have a situation were the cookies have been set as
app1:server1,app2:server2;app3:server1 and all the possible permutations of the combination.

the only 2 that will give a correct result to the client are
app1:server1,app2:server1,app3:server1 or app1:server2,app2:server2,app3:server2.

so in theory I have a mere 1 in 3 chance of getting it right.

Any help/ideas will be appreciated

Thanks in advance
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    Re: Stateful junction and 'sticky' access


    Hello /Anders,

    How did you resolve this issue?