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Pinned topic How to impl pub/sub(remote) using service integration bus link in WAS7.0

‏2012-04-04T07:06:23Z |

I deployed my publisher application in one WAS 7.0 server and my subscribers are deployed into different WAS 7.0 server. I tried using the service integration bus link as described in the below link.

The above link is for "Using the service integration bus link in WebSphere Application Server to route messages from a local queue to a remote queue" (Point-to-point).

I followed the same procedure described in the above link but used Topic space instead of Queue.

But its not working. Messages are not reaching remote topic.

We dont want to use MQ

Please help me how to implement the pub-sub (remote subscribers) in WAS 7.0 without using MQ.

Thanks in advance.