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Pinned topic difference b/w oracle nd DB2

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what is the exact powerful diffrence between ORACLE and DB2???
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    Re: difference b/w oracle nd DB2

    Hard to tell since "powerful" depends on what you mean.

    For example, a "powerful" reason could be license cost or TCO costs. IBM states that DB2 is cheaper than Oracle.

    From a Oracle developer's point of view, Oracle is more powerful than DB2 because PL/SQL packages provided by Oracle and other nice stuff like Application Express.

    If you compare DB2 Express-C with Oracle XE, definitely DB2 is better since you have up to 2 cores, 4GB of RAM and unlimited database size. Is almost Oracle Standard One edition ($5,800 per CPU) for free, the only difference is that Oracle doesn't imposes RAM limit.

    RDBMS this days are commodities so normally is a matter of preferences.

    If customer/project has enough funding, I prefer Oracle because I been using it for more than a decade; If customer/project didn't, I use Firebird because, if hasn't money for licensing, surely hasn't for administration/maintenance and DB2 needs some body to take care of.

    I'm following DB2 Express-C because I eventually will need the features (scallability, XML, replication, etc.) and very low initial cost: zero.