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Pinned topic SPECTWTR S0C4 z/OS 1.12

‏2012-04-03T13:06:33Z |
We are running CIMS / TUAM mainframe collectors V12.0

We just upgraded our OS from z/OS 1.10 to z/OS 1.12 and SPECTWTR now gets 0C4 ABENDs on some executions but not all. I tried relinking SPECTWTR with the new LE extensions but that did not help.

Module SPECTWTR, CSECT PRINTCTL, offset X'29A': Abend S0C4-X'10' (Segment-Translation Exception)

The crazy thing is that SPECTWTR is reading a tape data set that was created in a previous step by another execution of SPECTWTR. Here is the DCB of the data file: DCB=(RECFM=VB,LRECL=464,BLKSIZE=27998)
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    Re: SPECTWTR S0C4 z/OS 1.12


    When IBM acquired CIMS Lab in 2006, the Spectrum Report Writer was dropped as a shipped/supported component of CIMS Mainframe v12.2.1; you'll need to contact Pacific Systems Group for support and maintenance. Their CIMS page ( suggests the latest maintenance "solves your S0C4 problem, if you are experiencing one."

    In 2007, IBM re-branded CIMS Mainframe as the TDSz Usage and Accounting Collector (UAC), essentially the same code base, then updated over the years. All releases of CIMS Mainframe reached end of service on 30-Aug-2009, so for currency and support, you'll probably want to migrate to TDSz UAC.

    Though this forum is officially a TUAM venue, it covers technical and financial topics "about measuring, analyzing, reporting, and billing based on usage and costs" including your z/OS environment. There are still a few old-timers lurking around; we might be able to assist with usability questions related to TDSz processing CIMS/UAC records.