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Pinned topic My own very bad experience with SDMC

‏2012-04-02T15:55:19Z |
Let me get things straight..... I like IBM things a lot like AIX, pServers, storage......... I do make a living of it and hate HP-UX ;-)

I really do not understand this SDMC thing. I don't understand IBM in that this is being used as the successor for the HMC. HMC was already a monster from a nightmare in terms of ease of use and cosmetics but SMDC is even worse. Yes it is better then....... better then what!!???...... IBM is not able to create GOOD user interfaces.......that is this topic all about. Their awkward horrible out of date hardly to understand from the past below beta trial and error UserInterfaces like HMC, ISC and SDMC.

Are there only yeah yeah nodders around the lead development team or what???

Since when do I need HTML always to manage systems and since when am I so pathetic in AIX administration that a second restricted shell (padmin) is needed. Is there NOBODY that stands up to demand the return of a GOOD USER INTERFACE or the freedom of the command line without restrictions? If IBM can't write one then leave it to others and give me the command line instead of the those awkward horrible out of date hardly........

So what's bothering me with HMC, SDMC and ISC? Many ways to do things the wrong way, the other way around. SDMC is the ultimate point and click yourself from here to the moon with strange and inconsistent terminology. Not to mentioned the fantastic online help!!!! WOW that is the best online help I ever come across with so many nice examples of real world usages..... NOT!!!! Ever tried to get a decent performance view of your LPARS within 10 minutes...... say I like to see on an LPAR AIX level, CPU util and /var util and some network util (that is on a AIX (not the Hypervisor) level using SDMC). You know how it is, nice pics for the customers.

So are you ready, can I start the clock..... yes, 10 minutes yes.... ;-)

......may the force be with you.....
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    Re: My own very bad experience with SDMC

    Man UR2T_The_Factory you really had a bad experience with HMC/SDMC. I do have to admit HMC is not a smooth tool but it get's the job done. I did however like the old webSM also a little slow too. The HMC code V7 did offer some new exciting features that I do like. I have yet to use SDMC but plan on it in a few weeks. But I do miss the good old days of actual physical consoles too but who wants a data center now full of one for one terminals per server.

    Thx for sharing your experience though.